Livestock / Animals

Brighton Show offers a great range of livestock and animal classes for you to enter and enjoy. Regardless of section, to be involved as an exhibitor you must complete a generic waver and multi-purpose entry form.

Also, don't forget to check out our Rules & Regulations and Insurance Information, which can be found under Conditions of Entry.

For more information and forms specific to each section, see the details below.


All enquirers

Jody Rybarczyk-


Contact: Trent Wilton

0477 634 439


Contact: Caine Evans

0409 316 158


Contact: Sally Paine (0459 702 895)

or Matt Payne (0407 755 132)


contact Steve Baldock

Pontville Recreation Grounds

325 Brighton Road, Brighton

PO box 29 Brighton Tas 7030

secretary Rosie: 0467 042 013

president Geoff: 043473099